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Reiki In Cardiff- What It’s All About!

Reiki in Cardiff, is a method of healing that was used by our ancestors. The origins of this stem from Japan. An ancient tradition, it was forgotten about, and pushed to the side. Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, it started to be discovered and practiced again. Reiki is all about energy, and the moment Shaman Rooji engages in this spiritual ritual, and passes the reiki energy that he has channeled to the patient via the hands, magical things happen! Don’t be fooled however, the art of reiki is not passing the Shamans energy to the patient, it is in fact, much, much deeper. The reiki energy is a life force that is surrounding us everywhere on the earth, and this gets intensified through Shaman Rooji’s body the moment that he initiates the procedure. It requires a lot of energy and is a very deep method of energy channeling.

The Initiation Ceremony For Reiki In Cardiff

The initiation ceremony for Reiki is magical, and when performed by Shaman Rooji, it passes the energy of the life force that has been summoned up by the ceremony to the client. The intensive energy that is obtained during this procedure enables Shaman Rooji to be an energy channel for the healing ritual of reiki. It is a wonderful ac, that is a miracle in itseld. Anyone that has the fortune of being able to attend a healing ritual of reiki with Shaman Rooji will reap the benefits for years to come!

The benefits of reiki in Cardiff are immense. Shaman Rooji can assist you with physical healing via reiki. It is also an excellent source to be able to heal oneself spiritually, emotionally and also other physical aspects that one may be lacking in in terms of health complaints. Energy moves freely through the body, and helps to be able to get rid of negative emotions, patterns of thought that are stuck in a rut and keeping the mind a prisoner of itself. Also, personal traumas can be gotten rid of from passing new energy to the body and soul, and unleashing a new source of life! It is a magnificent technique to be able to help those that have issues with PTSD and is known to be able to help victims of accidents to heal faster and improve the side effects that come hand in hand with surgery.

Reiki Is A Form Of Universal Life Energy

We need Universal life energy to live and thrive. To progress and pass on positive attitude’s and attributes to those we live with an work with. Help yourself to be able to have a clearer mindset, and generate, new, fresh ideas to be able to walk out of the healing session with Shaman Rooji and feel rejuvenated and ready for anything that life throws your way! Reki is an ancient form of reconnection with energy and life in general. Restore your soul, rejuvenate the mind.

The concept of reiki is amazing!

You will learn that worry is just for today, no need to continue with the bad energy of stressful event.

Do not be angry today, let it go! Free the body and mind.

Always have respect to your elderly family members, your parents, elder and teachers. Honor them.

Never make cash from ill means and always keep honesty when dealing in business.

Be thankful and grateful towards every thing on the planet that lives!

Be alive ! – Live, let live and book with Shaman Rooji Today!

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