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What Is Shamanism- Find Out?

An Introduction To The Ancient Art Of Shamanism.

So you have arrived here and are wondering what is shamanism? It’s a word used to refer to ancient healing techniques, and not just a technique, but a complete way of life. It’s a form of being able to connect mankind, to nature and live in complete harmony by syncing the two into one! The word was first derived from a tribe called the Yungus tribe in Siberia. It was picked up and used by anthropologists and the term Shamanism was formed. This is used in reference to ceremonial and spiritual leaders around the globe. The word shamanism itself can be used to describe the art of healing by ancient techniques. It is a lifestyle, not just a practice.

What Is Shamanism? And Different Aspects Of Shamanism That are Used Today

Nature – The art and practice of shamanism is derived from nature! Each and every aspect of shamanism taps into mother earth and offers ancient teachings from the indigenous from simple aspects of mother nature.

Pilgrimage– Shamanism itself is a pilgrimage to sacred places and it allows individuals to be able to connect and approach with sacred places. It teaches us to honor all wonders of the earth that are natural . Things such as caves, lakes, rivers, mountains. It helps individuals to be able to awaken and invigorate energy and the land surrounding us.

Ceremony and Vision – Shamanism allows you to be able to honor the the spirit of nature to help form balance and complete harmony in sync with one another. There really is no end to the path of shamanism and that is what is so beautiful about the practice. The belief is that for the duration of the ceremonies continuation, the world will continue to thrive and go on!

Spiritual- It is all about being able to practice spirituality and this enables the growth of the soul, body and mind. It is all done to be able to make sure that internal and external harmony with all creation is obtained. Some prefer to go to the gym, perform yoga, bust shamans connect on a much deeper level.

Healing– This can be healing of oneself or of the community. Shamans are not just concerned with their own health. They are concerned with the health of the community in general. By community this can mean, animals, plants, humans, and all areas of lifeform.

So there you go, a basic introduction to the art of shamanism.

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